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Santa Rosa County Democrats Address Republican 6-Week Abortion Ban

Contact: Sandra Smith, Chair Santa Rosa County Democratic Party


(MILTON, FL) - The Santa Rosa County Democratic Party stands firmly in support of the freedom of couples to decide whether or not they become parents. This decision is sacred and most Floridians agree that we decide, if, when, and how we grow our families.

But yesterday, The Florida Republican Party chose International Women's Day to introduce extreme legislation that would ban abortion in the state of Florida. While the GOP debates over 15-week, 12-week, or 6-week bans, what we know is most women don't even know they're pregnant before 6 weeks. If this Republican abortion bill passes, Ron DeSantis and MAGA extremists will essentially render abortion illegal in the state of Florida. Meanwhile Republicans want to deflect attention away from the fact that their agenda will criminalize the decisions that are routinely made between women and their healthcare providers.

Floridians are coming together to defend our freedoms. The Santa Rosa County Democratic Party stands in solidarity with all Floridians to protect every family's personal healthcare decisions.


"For decades, extreme politicians have tried to demonize people who seek abortion care. But the harm isn't limited to rhetoric. These same corrupt politicians eliminated affordable access to healthcare providers, and they want to restrict access to contraception and family planning services. While we are busy fighting for our most basic rights, they take money from our healthcare, our schools, and our kids’ futures and hand it over to their wealthy corporate donors."

B.J. Brunious, Communications Chair of the Santa Rosa County Democrats.


By going all in to protect our reproductive freedoms, we can ensure that every woman, every couple, every family gets the care that they need no matter how much money they have or which zip code they call home.


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I always worry about how many women with legitimate health issues and emergency life threatening health issues will just lay there and die,for these Christianist fascists.They probably think an ectopic pregnancy can be reversed and saved(or worse yet,prayed away!)and that a life threatening issue like preeclampsia or placenta previa is the woman's fault.

We are going to see far too many needless injuries and deaths for this.And children who have been raped by family members forced to give birth.This is horrendous in itself.

DeSatan does not care about anyone in Florida.He is a fascist dictator that needs to be stopped.

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