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Ron DeSantis Signs Abortion Ban Under Cover Of Night

(NAVARRE, FL) - Last night, Ronald Dion DeSantis proved what we all know to be true: that a women's freedom to decide if, when, and how she grows her family is more popular than ever. In a secret gathering, deliberately scheduled after late-night local news, DeSantis quietly signed an extreme abortion ban into law. He did this hoping Floridians wouldn't notice the erosion of reproductive freedoms; but when news broke at 10:53 p.m. last night, it went viral.

Santa Rosa County Democrats stand with the people of Florida in condemning the egregious dismantling of American freedoms. We've said it before, and we will continue to say: Floridians overwhelmingly oppose these extreme abortion bans, and DeSantis further demonstrated that he is fully aware of this fact by signing the most extreme abortion ban in Florida's history after Floridians turned in for the night.

"This extreme abortion ban will put the health and life of pregnant women at risk," said Communications Director of The Santa Rosa County Democratic Party, B.J. Brunious. "We know that these bans are unpopular, but the Governor views his abortion ban as part of an attempt to complete a MAGA-inspired checklist before announcing his run for President." As of today, abortion is still legal Florida while The State Supreme Court hears arguments against the 15-week abortion ban passed last year, which has no exceptions for rape.

Joel Rudman (R), who gained popularity as an anti-vaxxer conspiracy theorist and Robert Alex Andrade (R), who trolls constituents on Twitter, both voted in favor of the extreme abortion ban. We will continue to stand up and for each other in this moment. By joining together across party lines, we can elect leaders who support our freedom to keep healthcare decisions between us and our doctors.

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