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OPPOSE HB 1221 (Grall) Disability Abortions


HB 1221 (Grall) Disability Abortions will be heard Thursday on the House Floor prior to a vote. We need you to contact your individual House Representative ASAP and urge him or her to OPPOSE this bill. This bill would make it illegal for a physician to perform or facilitate an abortion on the basis of a genetic test result that indicates a prenatal disability diagnosis, unless the mother's life is at stake.

This bill is not about protecting the value of disabled individuals. No, this bill is another egregious attack on a woman's right to privacy regarding a gut-wrenching health decision that will significantly impact the rest of her life. Anti-abortion advocates want to divide on this issue by trying to convince us that a genetically impaired fetus is equal in value to a living/breathing disabled child or adult. Shame on them. We know the difference. We know that disabled people have unique inherent value. And we fight every day for more laws that help a woman and her family navigate a lifetime of obstacles related to a disabled child's healthcare, education, social wellness, etc.

Most women who receive gut-wrenching results from a genetic test desperately want to continue their pregnancies. Their hopes and dreams are already embedded in that early pregnancy. If a woman and her family feel they are able to weather and survive a disability diagnosis in their lives, they will do so with love and without hesitation. Eyes wide open. But those who feel they do not have the psychological, physical or financial strengths to manage such a diagnosis should be able to make that decision in private. Their eyes are also wide open and they should be able to mourn the loss of that pregnancy in private. And just because I may make a different personal decision in that situation does not mean that I believe the state of Florida should be able to intrude into my or anyone else's private life.

Contact your House Representative today and ask him or her to VOTE NO on HB 1221. Here is the contact information for the State Representatives in Santa Rosa and Escambia Counties. Let them know you are a voting constituent!

District 1 717-5001

District 717-5002

District 717-5003

Thank you,

Jean Siebenaler

Legislative Chair

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