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Other States Are Showing Florida What's Possible Even With Slim Democratic Majorities

(Gulf Breeze, FL) - Members of the Florida Legislature have a lot of problems to solve, and instead of addressing issues like:

Extreme MAGA Republicans like Alex Andrade and Joel Rudman used their power as politicians to wage war against the well-being and safety of Florida families. Their extremist agenda focused on culture wars and taxpayer giveaways to already wealthy corporations throughout the state. Some of those harmful laws include:

and the list goes on and on.

But Minnesota Democrats are showing America what can be accomplished with just a 1 seat majority in the state legislature. During the 2023 legislative session Democrats in the Minnesota legislature passed:

When we show up with and for each other, we can elect leaders who put our neighborhoods, our schools, and our families first. Floridians will mobilize and deliver a government that supports all of us.


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