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Santa Rosa County Democrats’ Statement On The Newly Enacted Abortion Ban in Florida

Gulf Breeze, FL - No matter our faith, zip code, or income status, most of us believe in the freedom to decide for ourselves if, when, and how we grow our families. Whether we decide to adopt, foster, or use in vitro fertilization, we can all agree that those decisions are between our families, our God, and our doctors.

But extremist politicians like Alex Andrade (R) and Joel Rudman (R) pass laws that destroy

A picture of a mad man in a boat taking a selfie
Radical extremist Repubican candidate for HD-3

our freedom to make our own healthcare decisions. Their cruelty undermines our rights and endangers our aspiration to be healthy, prosperous and safe. Effective today this new abortion ban seeks to punish women, doctors and nurses simply for administering life saving care. While Andrade and Rudman take away our freedoms, they continue to make decisions that force us all to struggle to simply make ends meet.

Voters are begging for economic relief from expensive property insurance, sky-rocketing healthcare costs, and unaffordable housing, while Andrade spends his time shaming and blaming us for the hardships he creates. And while we’re busy fighting amongst ourselves about drag queens and extreme book bans, Andrade and Rudman hand the money they take from our healthcare, our schools, and our kids’ futures, to their corporate donors.

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By going all in to protect our reproductive freedoms, we can ensure that all of us can get the care we need, without requesting the permission of local extremists. In November, we will turn out in record numbers and vote ‘YES’ on Amendment 4 to protect our freedoms, and to say to the politicians that we decide whether and when we have children.


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