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Alex Andrade Takes Money From Multi-Billion Dollar Power Company Lobbyist

GULF BREEZE, Fla. --- QAnon corrupt candidate, Alex Andrade, 32, separates himself from younger Republicans in all the wrong ways. Voters under 40, with identities across the political spectrum, accept the unsurmountable evidence supporting the global climate crisis. But once again, awkward Andrade managed to prove why Florida GOP backers repeatedly state that the petulant politician is unpolished and not ready for primetime.

Records released by the Florida Division of Elections, revealed the corrupt conceited candidate took thousands of dollars from Washington DC based lobbyist and corporations. One of those donors is Duke Energy, an energy company embroiled in numerous scandals, including anti-trust violations and pay to play schemes. Duke Energy was identified as America's "worse electricity provider".

Duke Energy, a company that posted $24.52 Billion in revenue, openly acknowledges that it donates millions of dollars to candidates that support pro-energy policy. While the organization claims to be a nonpartisan political action committee, Florida Division of Elections' queries state otherwise.

Duke Energy shelled out over $2.08 MILLION in political donations during the Florida 2020 election cycle. 97% of those donations went to Republican and Conservative candidates/organizations. 3% went to all other organizations. Duke Energy is VERY partisan despite the bold pronouncements on its website.

Gulf Breeze, a coastal community heavily affected by sea level rise, floods, and hurricanes exists at the forefront of the climate crisis. Raking in multiple thousand dollar deposits from a company that reduces our property value as part of its business model, is the reason why awful Alex is today's absolute worse.

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