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Radical Extremist James Calkins Consistently Uses Hate To Draw Attention To Himself At The Expense Of Santa Rosa County Residents

Milton, FL - Santa Rosa County residents across race, place, and political background know our worth. We are worth paychecks that equal the true value of our work. We are worth good quality schools, from Milton to Jay and Gulf Breeze to Navarre. We value safe neighborhoods, clean water, and affordable homes for our families to rest well at night. We are worth so much more than the politicians give us credit for.

radical extremist holding a shotgun
James Calkins in unhinged ad holding a shotgun

Last week radical extremist James Calkins (R) made headlines for a hateful rant, where he stereotyped immigrants as criminals. Calkins is married to a Russian immigrant with strong allegiance to one of America’s largest national security threats. He routinely chooses wealthy corporate developers over all of us, then hopes to distract us by blaming immigrants and new Americans for our struggles.

The game is old and we are not falling for it!

What we know is that for this to be the ‘land of the free and the home of the brave’ we need to respect and embrace people with the courage to move here for a better life. Our vote is our power. We need to elect leaders that will protect our freedoms and put hard working Santa Rosa County residents first by attracting businesses to our area that create jobs, by protecting our homes from red clay run-off, and by leading with Florida values. When we join together as voters, we can elect new leaders who recognize our worth and chart a better future, where every Santa Rosa County family has the power to thrive, no exceptions.



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