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Democratic Leadership Across The Florida Panhandle Call On The Resignation Of Congressman Matt Gaetz

Milton, April 2, 2021 — The leadership of the Escambia, Santa Rosa, and Okaloosa County Democratic Executive Committees have formally called for the resignation of Congressman Matt Gaetz (R) in light of the ongoing investigation by the Department of Justice into allegations of an inappropriate sexual relationship with an underaged girl. The investigation goes further to suggest that Congressman Gaetz also may have violated federal sex trafficking laws. The Congressman’s timid denial of the allegations coupled with a continuously evolving, conspiracy-theory laden, explanation of an extortion plot, solidifies the fact that Matt Gaetz can no longer dedicate the time, energy, and commitment to the people of Northwest Florida.

Today more disturbing accusations have surfaced regarding the congressman’s solicitation of sex online where he exchanged money for the services of sex workers. Several sources have also confirmed that Matt Gaetz shared explicit photos of sexual encounters in the workplace which would violate the U.S. Government’s sexual harassment statutes. With over 22,000 reported cases of human trafficking in the U.S., Florida ranks 3rd highest in the nation according to Human Trafficking Hotline. Matt Gaetz (R) was the only member of Congress to vote against a human trafficking bill that allocated more resources to law enforcement officers who dedicate their careers to bringing sex traffickers to justice. He does not represent Florida values, he’s demonstrated poor judgement, and should step down from his legislative duties to make way for new leadership in the panhandle.

For Immediate Release PRESS RELEASE Contact: BJ Brunious, Democratic State Committeeman

Santa Rosa County Email: Phone: 850-565-9244

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