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Democrats Save Santa Rosa County Families $700,000 In Diaper Tax Relief

Taxes on diapers are permanently eliminated starting July 1st

NAVARRE, FL - Ana Eskamani and Senate Minority Leader Lauren Book, Democrats in the state legislature, championed the cause of delivering critical tax relief for Florida families. On July 1st, 2023, Florida will permanently eliminate the sales tax on diapers. Democrats in the Florida House and Senate worked hard, this past session, to craft legislation that would expand this tax relief indefinitely.

Stack of Diapers

Children require roughly 200 diaper changes per month. Most Florida families understand that diapers, formula, and childcare make up the bulk of our expenses when we expand our families.

Florida Joins Other States With The Permanent Elimination of Diaper Tax

The permanent elimination of the sales tax on diapers will bring Florida in alignment with states like New York, California, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. The first state to eliminate the diaper tax was Minnesota, 42 years ago, in 1981. Furthermore the state of Minnesota exempts ALL health products from state sales tax. Florida Democrats are now taking the first step, in a better direction, with this tax cut for working families.

Florida Republicans Will Try To Take Credit For Diaper Tax

Be wary of Florida Republicans like Alex Andrade, Joel Rudman, and Doug Broxson. They will try to take credit for elimination of the diaper tax but don't fall for it. In fact call out their hypocrisy online, in person, and via email.

Democrats are on a mission to ensure all Floridians have the freedom to be healthy, prosperous, and safe. When we know what we stand for, we know what to fight for. So let this be a lesson to all elected officials.

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