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Santa Rosa County Democrats Support Freedom From Boxes

(NAVARRE, FL) - Whether you're Black or white, wealthy or middle class, transgender or not, Santa Rosa County residents want our kids to have the freedom to be themselves, excel in school, and pursue their dreams. We all can agree that no matter where our destiny leads us, that path should be safe, secure, and protected by the role models in our neighborhoods. These community leaders include teachers, ministers, doctors and our elected officials.

But certain local politicians want to hold onto power by putting us in boxes, based on what we look like, how much money we make, who we love, and now even our gender. The MAGA Republican party has morphed into a party that fuels division between parents and teachers, patients and doctors, and pits neighbor against neighbor. This past week they set their sights on new targets; transgender people. Their goal is to force all of us, to check a box, and then use the box to divide us; all as a distraction while they restrict the freedoms of everyone. We all can agree that it's wrong for any politician to tell someone 'you don't belong', simply because of who you are.


"America has always come together to push the freedoms necessary to pursue our greatest aspirations. This is the history certain politicians want to erase. But we are here to say: Not on our watch," says Jean Siebenaler, President of the Santa Rosa County Democratic Women's Club.


By speaking out for welcoming schools that teach accurate stories of America's rich history, we can ensure our schools are fully funded, our communities have all the resources we need, and our neighborhood public schools are a place where children are free to learn the potential of what our state can be. Our mission as Santa Rosa County Democrats is to see those values to fruition.



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