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Florida Democrats Provide Funding For Locklin Lake Restoration Project In Milton

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Democrats invest in infrastructure projects that fund our future

MILTON, FL - Locklin Lake, located between Dogwood Drive and Park Avenue deteriorated to a polluted retention pond after decades of swampy runoff contaminated what used to be a gorgeous lake in Central Milton. For the last decade environmentalist and Milton community leaders, made up of Republicans and Democrats, lobbied elected officials to restore the lake to its original condition.

A polluted Lake

Democrats Answered The Call

Because we turned out in record numbers, we elected leaders who value the safety and well-being of our community. Democrats passed the CARES Act which will contribute to the $0.5 MILLION needed to dredge and restore Locklin Lake to the condition in which it was found back in 1827. Democrats continue to build a movement focused on funding our future. That includes ensuring that our nature reserves are in pristine condition, and our neighborhoods are protected from flooding and pollution.

Beware of Republicans Taking Credit For Locklin Lake Project

Florida Republican politicians have become experts in hypocrisy. Republicans in Congress and the Florida Legislature publicly support community improvement projects, but oppose the funds required to improve our neighborhoods. Then they show up to the ribbon cutting ceremonies and put out public statements taking credit for projects they secretly opposed, hoping we'll look the other way while they hide behind the funding that made it all possible. Don't fall for it.

All Floridians Deserve The Freedom To Be Healthy, Prosperous, & Safe

Democrats are here to ensure everyone has a fair shot at the American dream. In order to continue this work we must elect leaders who value the well-being of our neighborhoods because our economy booms when we ALL do well, not just a wealthy few.


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