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Michael Maradik Must Withdraw His Candidacy For Santa Rosa County Superintendent

Milton, FL - On February 13, 2024, Democrat Michael Maradik, a 79-year-old retiree with no background in education, pre-filed as a write-in candidate in the Santa Rosa County Superintendent race. Mr. Maradik is a Navarre resident and the neighbor of Mom’s For Liberty extremist Republican candidate Brenda Stephens.

Santa Rosa County Democratic Party leadership became apprehensive of his candidacy after filings with the Supervisor of Elections revealed that Mr. Maradik listed Brenda Stephens’ treasurer information and banking institution as his own. The Santa Rosa County Democratic Party promptly reached out to Mr. Maradik using the phone number and e-mail address provided on his official filing forms. Mr. Maradik has not responded to media’s request for comment nor the Democratic Party’s attempts to contact him regarding his candidacy.

There is no indication that he is running a campaign. He hasn’t raised any money, he has not reached out to Democrats, Republicans, or NPA’s for support, he hasn’t sponsored a single campaign event, and he has not demonstrated a willingness to seek the job of Superintendent.

Brenda Stephens’ husband, Richard Stephens, serves as her campaign treasurer and communications advisor. Mr. Stephens did respond stating: “Although we are neighbors we have nothing to do with each others [sic] campaigns.” We find that response disengenuous as Mr. Maradik listed Mr. Stephens’ email address and bank information on his candidate filing form.

Extremist Moms For Liberty candidate
Radical Extremist candidate for superintendent

All the evidence leads us to conclude that Mr. Maradik and Brenda Stephens conspired to run a shadow campaign for the sole purposes of keeping over 50,000 voters out of the electoral process. Brenda Stephens wants to block the votes of Santa Rosa County residents, so she can consolidate the most extreme fringes of the Republican Party and oust the popular current Superintendent Dr. Karen Barber. This conspiracy is often attempted by many gullible candidates, who fail to realize that shadow campaigns are illegal with stiff legal penalties.

The Democratic Party will not participate in or give credence to, a candidate who engages in voter disenfranchisement. We call on Mr. Maradik to withdraw his candidacy from this race immediately.


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