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We Know What Keeps Our Families Safe

(MILTON, FL) - Floridians from every race, background, and zip code deserve the freedom to walk through life safe from the harms of gun violence. And as citizens from Jay to Gulf Breeze, Milton to Navarre, we know what keeps our communities safe. It's when neighbors from across the county have fair wages, great schools, and the affordable healthcare we all need.

Over the last several years we've seen the horrors of gun violence terrorize our churches, schools, playgrounds, movie theaters, grocery stores, hospitals, and nightclubs. We've also seen an increase in gun deaths by suicide and intimate partner violence. Unfortunately in response to this public health crisis, Republicans in the Florida Legislature sent a bill, that legalizes permitless carry of concealed weapons, to the desk of Ron DeSantis.

While the majority of Florida gun owners support common sense gun safety measures, a handful of politicians like Alex Andrade (R) and Joel Rudman (R) sow division amongst our communities by making us fear one another. They use this distraction tactic as a means to prevent us from acquiring the things we know keep our neighborhoods and schools safe.

As Gov. Ron DeSantis sets his eye on a bid for the White House, he knows it is crucial to create a resumé that is palatable for the radical MAGA Republican base. We strongly urge the Governor to veto this bill and allow Santa Rosa County the opportunity to continue to thrive as one of the safest counties in the Florida Panhandle.

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I absolutely agree.We need less,not more, firearms in our society.Nothing good will come from this boneheaded idea.

Of course there is nothing said about teaching or requiring safety classes,or making sure people are mentally competent to even possess a firearm,much less have ready access to one.Over and over mass shooters are usually revealed to have some type of mental instability,and every expert across the board says these people should never have access to any firearm,and now we just hand them over to these unstable people?

Sometimes I think that maybe the people who believe this craziness is acceptable,should be the ones who are regularly dodging the bullets.Maybe then they will better understand what they're setting the rest of us up…

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