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Democratic State lawmakers and coalition partners would like you to join in a Facebook Live press conference tomorrow to protect affordable housing trust fund dollars by opposing HB 5401 that is intended to raid the trust fund.

Background: Since 2008, the Florida Legislature has swept $2.01 billion in affordable housing dollars -- more than a third of its total revenue -- for other projects or programs. That means that as of 2019, Florida has lost out on the development of 167,000 affordable housing units. This year, Florida has no excuse to sweep the trust funds. The state is receiving billions of dollars from the federal government via the American Rescue Plan that can be spent on water projects and the housing crisis has only gotten worse. We need to dramatically increase the supply for affordable housing -- stealing money from this essential trust fund to pay for other projects is the last thing the state should be considering.

Thank you, Jean Siebenaler Santa Rosa Democrats Legislative Liaison

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