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Slate of Anti-Trans Bills Head For A Vote In FL House

(MILTON, FL) - We are now in that phase of the Legislative Session when most of our priority bills are finished with their committees and are being voted on by all the legislators in either the House or Senate. This coming week the House will vote on a number of "Slate of Hate" bills. We need you to contact your individual State House Representatives before Tuesday and tell them you want them to VOTE NO on the following bills. They need to know that you disagree with these bilious bills. Do not give them a pass!

  • HB 1421 Gender Clinical Interventions / SB 254 Treatments for Sex Reassignment -- aka the Trans Ban Bill. This bill prohibits all gender-affirming care in minors -- even when they have parental consent; Denies legal recognition of transition by prohibiting birth certificate changes; includes a deadline at the end of 2023 to forcibly detransition minors currently in care; allows courts to modify custody agreements against the interest of parents who support access to gender affirming care; drastically reduces healthcare for transgender adults by banning use of telehealth for gender affirming care and forbidding qualified nurses from administering such care to consenting adults; denies insurance coverage to the extent care is available; revokes licensure for providers who provide gender-affirming care without government approval, creates onerous and time-consuming consent procedures for those who have permission to provide care to adults, and threatens criminalization of physicians.

  • HB 1521 Facility Requirements Based on Sex -- aka the Transgender bathroom ban -- Would make it a second-degree misdemeanor for someone older than 18 to willfully enter a public restroom or changing facility designated for the opposite sex. There are no mechanisms for implementing this bill, relying instead on “persons present in the restroom or changing facility” to police others. This law would open the door to aggressive behavior inside and outside of bathrooms as strangers demand other people prove their gender, making all people less safe. If enacted, this bill would mean transgender people will have to make the impossible decision of breaking the law or revealing their private medical information by using the restroom that does not match their current gender expression.

  • HB 1423 Protection of Children – aka the Drag bill -- Prohibits certain live performances in the presence of minors at public lodging establishments, public food service establishments, or events and activities requiring a government-issued permit. Levies excessive fines and threatens loss of business licenses. Puts govt-permitted PRIDE festivals at risk.

These are all hateful and cruel bills that dehumanize the Trans community and encourage violence against them. Legislation like this has no place in a civilized democratic society.

Call these Reps. Call them out on social media. Expose their votes for the public to see.

Rep. Alex Andrade


Twitter: @RAlexAndrade

Facebook: @votealexandrade

Instagram: @r_alex_andrade

North Santa Rosa, Rep. Joel Rudman


Twitter: @doc_rudman

Instagram: @doc_rudman

North Escambia, Rep. Michelle Salzman


Instagram: @pensacolamichelle


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