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Criminalizing Parents And Doctors of Transgender Kids

A bill that can only be described as something from a dystopian fascist novel is passed in the Florida Senate today by a vote 27-12. We need you to contact the Doug Broxson and tell him that you vehemently disagree with his vote on this bill.

SB 254 (Yarborough) Don't Say Trans would:

  • Threaten parents of transgender youth with prison and loss of custody of their own children if they help them access gender-affirming healthcare that is considered lifesaving, has been safely used for decades, and is supported by leading national health organizations;

  • Criminalize doctors and “any person” who “actively participates” in helping a minor access gender affirming care;

  • Change custody laws to favor parents who are unsupportive of gender affirming care for their children --this includes kidnapping a Florida child to another state OR kidnapping an out-of-state child to Florida;

  • Drastically reduce healthcare for transgender adults by banning use of telehealth for gender affirming care and allowing qualified nurses from administering such care to consenting adults.

The government does NOT have the right to seize control of children from their parents solely because parental medical decision-making does not align with DeSantis’ extremist agenda! His parental rights mantra clearly only applies to some parents who agree with his ideology.

This is outrageous and yet another example of how dangerously close we are to losing our democracy under Republican control. Please contact Doug Broxson and tell him you disagree with his YES vote on this Fascist bill. And then make sure you are spreading the word about this dangerous bill to members of the public through your texts, emails, letters-to-the-editor, and social media posts.

Senator Doug Broxson (R)

(850) 487-5001

Facebook: @dougbroxsonfl

Twitter: @DougBroxson

Instagram: @dbroxson

Robert Alex Andrade (HD2)

(850) 462-4776 or 850-717-5002


226 Palafox Place #401b

Pensacola, FL 32502


Twitter: @RAlexAndradeFL

Instagram: @r_alex_andrade

Facebook: @VoteAlexAndrade

Joel Rudman (HD3)

(850) 642-0777 or 850-717-5003


Twitter: @doc_rudman

Instagram: @doc_rudman


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