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OPPOSE HB 1403 / SB 1580 Protections of Medical Conscience TODAY

The companion bills HB 1403 / SB 1580 Protections of Medical Conscience are slated to be heard in both chambers this week, and we need you to voice your OPPOSITION ASAP. These bills are nothing but a license to discrimin

The bills HB 1403 / SB 1580 Protections of Medical Conscience would :

  • Expand the ability of doctors and other healthcare professionals to refuse any specific non-emergency services if such services conflict with their “conscience.” (Note that the "conscience" provision -and contraceptives).

  • Apply to health insurers that pay for services;

  • Make healthcare providers and insurers immune from civil or criminal liability for “conscience” decisions.

This bill is dangerous because its language is vague and ambiguous:

  • There are no specific delineated objectionable treatments or services; therefore, it is difficult to define where provider conscience and patient negligence differ.

  • There is no requirement to refer patients to healthcare providers who do not have the same moral objections. Can you imagine securing an appointment to see a healthcare provider and having to pay for that appointment, only to find out during the appointment that your provider can’t comply with your healthcare needs due to his/her “conscience?” And then you have to leave that appointment without any guidance regarding who can help you?? When does such a “conscience” claim interfere with a patient’s access to treatment, and violate professional ethical standards

  • SB 254 is another “Slate of Hate Bill” that the Legislature has targeted against the trans community. Even if trans adults who need prescriptions to continue their gender-affirming healthcare comply with the difficult barriers in the new dehumanizing bill (SB 254) that the Florida Legislature intends to pass, they may hit another care barrier of individual provider “conscience” with this bill.

  • There are a whole host of potential scenarios for "conscience" objectors:

    • Healthcare providers that believe “gay lifestyle” is immoral, will refuse treating LGBTQ patient with HIV/AIDS medications Or any illnesses.

    • Healthcare providers that morally disagree with a patient or a patient’s family decision to forego extreme end-of-life services like feeding tubes.

    • Healthcare providers that believe that providing care to a hospitalized criminal is against their “conscience.”

The list of scenarios could go on and on, and that is the problem. There are no guardrails for patient protections. It is simply another bill intended to promote hate and division from this Legislature and eliminate freedoms for Floridians.

Please contact the House and Senate legislators below TODAY and tell them to VOTE NO on Protections of Medical


Charles Wesley "Chuck" Clemons, Sr. (R) -(850) 717-5022

David Borrero (R), Vice Chair - (850) 717-5111

Shane G. Abbott (R) -(850) 717-5005

Adam Anderson (R)- (850) 717-5057

Jessica Baker (R) - (850) 717-5017

Robin Bartleman (D)- (850) 717-5103

Melony Bell (R ) - (850) 717-5049

Dean Adam Black (R) -(850) 717-5015

Linda Chaney (R), Vice Chair- (850) 717-5061

Gallop Franklin III (D) - (850) 717-5008

Christine Hunschofsky (D) - (850) 717-5095

Jenna Persons-Mulicka (R) - (850) 717-5078

Joel Rudman, Dr., (R) - (850) 717-5003

Michelle Salzman (R) - (850) 717-5001

Kelly Skidmore (D) - (850) 717-5092

John Snyder (R) - (850) 717-5086

Allison Tant (D) - (850) 717-5009

Dana Trabulsy (R) - (850) 717-5084

Senator Colleen Burton (R) - (850) 487-5012

Senator Jason Brodeur (R) - (850) 487-5010

Senator Ben Albritton (R) - (850) 487-5027

Senator Bryan Avila (R) - (850) 487-5039

Senator Lauren Book (D) - (850) 487-5035

Senator Doug Broxson (R) - (850) 487-5001

Senator Danny Burgess (R)- (850) 487-5023

Senator Alexis Calatayud (R) - (850) 487-5038

Senator Tracie Davis (D) - (850) 487-5005

Senator Ileana Garcia (R) - (850) 487-5036

Senator Gayle Harrell (R) - (850) 487-5031

Senator Rosalind Osgood (D) - (850) 487-5032;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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