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Alex Andrade raked in thousands from out of district donors

Radical right-wing Republican Alex Andrade, who never misses an opportunity to align himself with alleged child sex trafficker Matt Gaetz (R), is riding high on multiple $1,000+ campaign donations from pharmaceutical companies, million dollar law firms, real estate agencies, and land investors.

This past year, Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), who pled guilty to $1.7 billion Medicare and Medicaid fraud, referred a record number of Floridians to collection agencies for insurmountable medical debt and also donated $6,000 to Alex Andrade's Campaign. This, in a year where HCA posted record breaking profits of $3.754 BILLION. Alex frequently snapped at the "D.C. swamp" on social media, while simultaneously taking a $1,000 donation from a DC based car insurance company and another $2,000 donation from a Washington DC based oil and natural gas company.

In fact 73% of his donors reside outside of the district he represents.

He received thousands of dollars from the Gaetz Family and PACs that support Matt Gaetz. But even those donors reside outside of his district. The Florida Division of Elections listed 463 total individual contributors to his 2020 campaign but several of the listed corporations contributed multiple times.

His average donor donates $846.00

This in a time where large swaths of citizens in the panhandle couldn't come up with $500 in a moment's notice to pay for an emergency. While Alex Andrade has accepted over $100,000 from out of district corporations, The Republican Party in Escambia County only contributed $500 to his campaign and

the Santa Rosa County Republican Party contributed NOTHING....$0....NADA

That speaks volumes. Take a moment and look up his donors here! Do your research. Alex is not for the citizens of Florida. He is in the game of politics for himself not for you.

You can change that. Only YOU have the power to elect leaders who put your interest and your well-being above the interest of multi-billion dollar corporations.

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