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Alex Andrade Recruits Online Harassers To Attack Citizens Of Pensacola & Gulf Breeze

GULF BREEZE, Fla --- The Q-Anon Corrupt Candidate, Alex Andrade (R), recently recruited social media trolls to harass citizens of Gulf Breeze and Pensacola on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Andrade, known in Republican Party circles as "unpolished", responded angrily on social media to newly surfaced articles exposing his deep pocket connections to big oil, natural gas, and Washington DC swamp donors. His online harassment recruits have been linked to the social media profiles of white males mostly between the ages of 21-35. Sources close to the victims of Andrade's harassment have reported the nameless, faceless profiles to the proper authorities. While internal investigations are underway, Andrade's minions continue to bombard the profiles of local Republicans, Independents & Democrats with threatening private messages particularly on Twitter and Instagram. Two profiles have been linked to white supremacy groups and reported to the federal authorities. Please check back for additional details as the investigation continues.

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