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Local Republicans Refused To Donate To Alex Andrade's Campaign So He Went To The DC Swamp

PENSACOLA, Fla. --- Corrupt QAnon Conservative Alex Andrade (R) quickly responded, on social media, to a scathing article that exposed his countless corporate Washington DC mega donors.

In response to the article, he didn't deny receiving thousands of dollars from DC based fossil fuel companies, tax frauds, trial lawyers, property investors, and liberal media outlets. Instead he used the opportunity to mention how good he thought he looked in his picture. He even took to Instagram asking his followers to vote on whether or not "this graphic make[s] me look like a 'Mad Scientist'"? And social media did not disappoint. 80% of Andrade's Instagram story viewers gave him the virtual middle finger.

Republican Party officials initially viewed Alex as the new up and coming Matt Gaetz (R). Gaetz, whose tenure is rumored to be cut short as he battles child sex trafficking allegations, already has an opponent in the 2022 election Rebekah Jones. But sources close to Alex, confirm that Republican Party leaders were disappointed with his stage presence, confirming that he lacked charisma, and his public appearances felt "unpolished". Party insiders haven't given up on him though, confirming that ".....we are grooming him for primetime".

That may all change as Andrade, 32, who initially presented himself as a moderate who leaned left on social issues, now has taken a hard radical right turn in order to prove his Republican bonafides. He has yet to succeed in that venture with Division of Elections records confirming today that The Santa Rosa County Republican Party has not donated a single dollar to his campaign.

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