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Alex Andrade Underperformed In The 2020 Election And He Doesn't Even Realize It

GULF BREEZE, Fla --- Voters in Gulf Breeze conducted a deep dive into Right-Wing Radical Republican Alex Andrade's donor list and discovered that his coffers are full of corporate Washington, DC and Tallahassee PAC money. After voters exposed just how much Corporate PAC money he rakes in, Andrade, 32, responded in typical DC swamp fashion. He initially ignored the news drop and performed a virtual chest thump on social media, reinforcing that he won his election, by posting a screenshot of the 2020 election results against his opponent, Pensacola rockstar, Dianne Krumel. His response had voters wondering if this was more of an attempt to convince himself of the election results, that according to inside sources, even shocked him.

Election Results from 2020 Election Florida Panhandle

But to add insult to personal profile injury, the screenshot he captured from Ballotpedia only re-demonstrated the fragility of his 2020 candidacy. According to data provided by the Santa Rosa County Supervisor of Elections, Republicans outnumber Democrats and No Party Affiliates 3:1 in this part of the panhandle reinforcing how strongly his candidacy underperformed in 2020. After it was brought to his attention that Dianne Krumel (D) should NOT have come within 10 points of victory given the political demographics of our area, he referred to our Supervisor of Elections Tappie Villane's data as "liberal math".

This coming from the same candidate whose financial disclosures reveal he accepted $1,000's of dollars in campaign donations from the same Liberal California-based news organizations he calls "fake news".

Alex has a credibility problem leaving Santa Rosa County voters wondering what else will be uncovered.

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