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President Biden and Democrats Provide $1 MILLION To Expand Milton Blackwater Riverwalk

MILTON, FL - Democrats in Congress passed a HUGE Infrastructure Bill in the last legislative session and President Biden signed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act into law at the White House. Because Americans turned out in records numbers in 2020, and delivered a Congress and President willing to work on our behalf, Santa Rosa County received $13.2 MILLION in infrastructure projects.

We are happy to report that the Milton Blackwater Riverwalk will undergo a $1 MILLION expansion project in the coming months. Citizens of Milton waited with bated breath as the project could have hit the cutting room floor by Ron DeSantis' line item veto pen.

"President Biden approved a $1TRILLION infrastructure package and to see our hard earned tax dollars re-invested in our community means a lot to the millions of voters who turned out in 2020," says B.J. Brunious communications chair of the Santa Rosa Democratic Party.

This community investment initiative comes on the heels of several GOP politicians using Florida infrastructure projects as campaign photo-ops and media appearance. Not one Florida Republican House or Senate member voted for the infrastructure bill.

Democrats continue to be the adults in the room. We want our neighborhoods to be healthy prosperous and safe. We will continue to govern in the name of all Floridians no matter what you look like, how you worship, or who you love.


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