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Santa Rosa County Democrats Slam SCOTUS Decision On Affirmative Action

(MILTON, FL) - While the MAGA extremist Supreme Court's decision comes at no surprise to any of us, it doesn't make the reality any less jarring. Today's ruling is just another example of how this conservative extremist court is out of touch with everyday Americans. The MAGA majority of today's Supreme Court has declared war on the progress our nation fought for in the 20th century.

Columns of the Supreme Court

Let's be clear. This decision ensures that those who come from wealthy donor families and alumni, maintain status and access that isn't afforded to all of us. While it is true that white women have been the greatest beneficiaries of Affirmative Action policy over the last 50-60 years, this decision is an attack on all women, no matter what you look like or where you come from.

Like the Dobbs decision, which ended a women's access to safe and legal abortion care, this ruling will have long lasting consequences for Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities writ large. We will continue to push our elected leaders to use the system of checks and balances to sanitize the stench created by the extremist wing of this court.


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