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Support New Environmental Code Before County Commission [CORRECTED]

There will be an action item at the next Santa Rosa County Commissioners meeting, on Tuesday May 11, to enact a new county code. This code is an environmental damage violation with a fine schedule that starts at $3,000 for the first offense and rises to $10,000 for subsequent offenses. It will also include a section that allows the county to collect an assessment fee from the violators for any work needed to repair the damage they cause. Currently, violators can pay the minimal $300 fine as a cost of doing business, with no clear options at repairing the damage caused. This code increases the cost of those violations and it includes more specific descriptions of what constitutes a violation.

We are in support of this action, and we are asking residents of Santa Rosa County who feel the same way to contact District 4 County Commissioner Dave Piech to voice their support. Here is his contact information:

There is also a petition you can sign in support of this code, and we would encourage you to do so. CLICK HERE to sign the petition.

Thank you, Joannie Parks Santa Rosa Democrats County Commission Liaison

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