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Santa Rosa County Democrats’ Statement on the Indictment of The Former President of the USA

(GULF BREEZE, FL) - Yesterday a grand jury made up of everyday working Americans listened to witness testimony, weighed the evidence, and made the decision to indict the former President of the United States. This moment comes on the heels of an administration littered with historical firsts. The former President was the first candidate to lose the popular vote twice. He was the first President to be impeached twice in a single term and was the first presidential candidate to stoke an insurrection in response to his campaign loss. Now he is the first President to face a grand jury indictment on 30 counts of criminal charges allegedly related to business fraud.

Since our founding, what makes our country unique is that our President returns to civilian life after their term. It's been that way since the close of George Washington's Presidential term. Our political leaders are held to same legal standards as every other citizen of our nation.

"What our justice system made clear yesterday is that this case is one step on the pathway to accountability on behalf of the American people and no man is above the law in the United States of America." - B.J. Brunious Communications Director of the Santa Rosa County Democratic Party.

The allegations of business fraud facing the former President come in the aftermath of the Florida GOP's effort to use divisive culture wars to distract us from their $2 billion taxpayer giveaway to property insurance corporations and the transfer of $4 billion in public funds away from Florida's public schools towards for-profit voucher schools.

This is our moment to remain laser focused on the assignment at hand. As Ron DeSantis sets his eyes on a bid for the White House, we can elect leaders who ensure all Floridians have the freedom to be healthy, prosperous, and safe in our communities.

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