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Gulf Breeze Donors Are Trying To Figure Out How To Get Their Money Back From Alex Andrade

GULF BREEZE, Fla. --- Corrupt Q-Anon candidate Alex Andrade (R), is having a full on meltdown in response to newly surfaced documents revealing his tight financial connections to corporate PACs based in Washington, DC.

In a Facebook post, the radical right-wing politician shared an article referencing his inability to secure campaign donations from his own political party in Santa Rosa County. Sources close to the Republican Party confirm, off the record, that Andrade's electoral outcome rested solely on Republican voter registration in the district. His public appearances are unpolished, he stumbles during public speeches, and he lacks cross over appeal in the sunshine state, one official revealed.

".... spending $0 in my general election...."

The majority of Florida families saw a net wealth loss in 2020, and the Skanska Bridge tragedy imposed dramatic economic consequences on the Gulf Breeze community. In the midst of an economic recession, the unpolished homophobic candidate, Andrade, took nearly $8,000 in campaign donations from 18 Gulf Breeze residents. Two of those donors are retirees, living on a fixed income. They both gave an average of $150 each. In his shallow attempt to "own the libs", Andrade revealed that he spent $0 of the roughly $348,000 he took in campaign donations; essentially admitting on social media that he profited off his own campaign. His disclosure has Gulf Breeze residents wondering if Alex Andrade is just another corrupt politician, who takes advantage of hard working Floridians for financial gain.

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